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NEW! A crow on a vine reaching for a berry. These pieces have a crackle effect on the edges for contrast. Expect to see variations on each of these individual pieces.  Because of the nature of clay there are no exact duplicates, which is why they are called Unidenticals!  Vitreous fired, porcelain earrings that incorporate imagery from Susan’s original drawings.  Many steps go into the making and firing process that give these highly detailed pieces their unique and delicate look.  Casual enough for blue jeans or great for an evening out.  All ages are attracted to these miniature pieces of art.  Black next to white porcelain with a clear glaze on the surface.  Non- tarnishing Hypoallergenic stainless ear-wires.

 Lightweight but durable porcelain.  Fired to 2232 degrees F.

These earrings come on a card with a short description on the reverse side.  One inch long by .6 inch wide

Earrings, Crow on a vine, bird, fired, handmade USA

SKU: EL708
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