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One of the best sellers in Susan's flower frog collection. 

Standard Clay Fossil Flower Frog.  When placed on top of a standard mouth canning jar these beautifully decorated frogs make flower arranging very simple.  They are made from a slab of clay and impressed with native flowers, sprigs and leaves from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Fired twice and many steps are involved with the clay fossil technique.   Susan starts with original plants and then makes her own stamps from those images for year round use.   Lovely for fresh flowers or rooting cuttings such as ivy, etc.  The perfect gift for any gardener or flower and plant lover.  Because they are handmade you will see variations from piece to piece.  That is part of the beauty of handmade!

Clay Fossil Flower Frog, standard size

  • approximately 4.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall

  • Up to four of these medium flower frogs will fit into a USPS medium flat rate box.  Shipping cost for two to four is the same as shipping cost for one.

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